Order of changing timeå

I thank Nimue Brown .

this might seem confusing but the use of the name the Secret Order of SteamPunk Druids has affiliate reguard of chapters in different forms of the internet .

I am now 11th level and dual classed 3rd Level . hello druid 2 io2 CRAYons .

the problem of subblate druidism happens to be the danereú of program ..

a program is the suffix on a file . the game file PAX is Good .

the defense file WAR is bad . it’s called a 3 letter word .

the regard of this blogging is Time Defense 2 .

you might be pseudo paranoid about threat of regime

but WAR is the cause of your worries .

Woodstock 50th anniversary is Earth Peace ARPA program .

violent behavin and terror tendencies are a 3 letter word .

after program is software or what the extension coded a program .

Weblogic is software and implied interrupt software .

I am tired of interrupt software of Montauk waking .

keep this to yourself if you will . Peace now . 18322

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