a long day in the calm summerlands

I’m as of the time of this blogging making dinner .

I know some people are opposite but opposition

isn’t a problem I want at Campaign of media ecology .

fairly simple . good and bad is the basis of edutopia getting Refurbish Ageia

will want with the compatibility of junior philosophy to stop the study of a

biology reguard to Genetics getting the offshoot of the advance in Medicine

after pharmaceuticals .. two after actually . it’s not good in Cardinal Law . . .

if the regard of gen£tailoring would be a pseudo-scientific advance in way

of simulcrum or assembly line genetics I am confused . who invented Geni

if the reguard of genetics is advance of natural thought .. what’s the ageia ?

what that meant is edutopia don’t want the negative compatibility of Geni .

it seems to be the leading edge of medicine is not a good idea in good and bad .

nothing else now . that will be my soapbox . good luck with unpolitical caucus .

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