a minor problem

yesterday I tried to get NCIA startup of the work setting of info faqinit2 on basis of the day manager paying an insure dollar called a coffee dollar to get signed on without wanted copy of Contributor to the National Cannabis Industry Association .

I then asked the US Department of the Interior if they could pay a double interest coffee dollar to sign on a floating data center by having an otter dive AL-2 to talk to a turtle and get sign on to stop nuclear dealing of the Dubai UA€ terrorin problem before a problem early today .

I kind of went off because the otter was worried about the killing of animals in the ocean and my briefing which is similar had to do with genetic tailoring and Saving the Planet .

after the Department of Interior finished getting sign on to a pipeline on a covert flight having to do with a Mach 15 hypersonic sounding missile but not directly …

I made sure DefCon was in positive natural numbers and formed the Orion 3°2 office at Dubai Creek Tower .

now I’ll tell you the problem . ORION is the NATO espionage group in Top Secret / S.I. the espionage role playing game .

Orion would be the same group but not Ganymede just GAMA which means gamers who want to be a spec op Agent .

Orion3°2 is a specific group of Section Control with onset medication disorder of SZA co-dominant case study of cannabis for mental health non preposit ion and recovery of borderline talking disorder with gamer ptsd 4 Internet Pax .

it is to train child agent group of a CIA Kids group of little letters b cia2 online networking on Directory of an Energy Star * phone in home networking to be ready with an espionage class to be on internet2 with simply XBOX ONE networking sign on to a home networking advent of internet2 .

it’s called kidstart . kickstarter was taken by the following acquisition . it’s with edutopia . this might sound counter oppositional but I’m a Teacher of introductory value of the scientific advancements in Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision getting Cultural Advancement after Conservation is the form of government after Democracy .

Ecotopia specifically won’t want the required advance of genetic tailoring in what is called game1 ageia of the advances leading to a pre Genetic Ageia advance to be required as the bonus of Modern Age or postmodern advances .

the other issue is GlobeNet gives the world wonder GlobeSat which is the advance before the form of government Corporate Republic which is the form of government in Economics after Fascism which is after Republic .

I’m getting to the problem now .. ready 123 .

today Dubai Ecotopia terrorin provider decided he wanted the advance of genetic tailoring .

terrorin are computer aptitude terrorists .

genetic tailoring is the assembly line manufacture of simulcrums being the offshoot of the advance with world wonder Genome Project after Pharmaceuticals in Medicine .

Dubia terrorin tried to acquire gen£tailoring is what this blog is about .

green acquisite druidev

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