Disney I get Phase 4 .

hello . the Conoco dinosaur ride at Epcot Center was going to be interactive .

what it does is accept a listing on a cell phone . I have a dislike of the open~

chip on a cell phone getting mobile phone interactive called syncing mobile

device with an interactive setting which is what the Aconoco ride dinosaurs

have as a way of congestion on networking of the setting of oil pollution …..

I am not trying to be a haiter . the interactive program was going to get the*

mobile device setting to interact with the Conoco dinosaur ride at Epcot . . .

and make it compatible with a mobile device setting like the mars farmingþ

and the emitter interacts with cell phones of mobile computing . Peace Up .

the problem is interactive tv2 on Phase 4 MARVEL Entertainment gets the

oracle tv2 mobile device sync setting on what I call MiSa of Dinosaur Park!

which is the genetic tailoring of dinosaurs in a movie a missionintelligence

advisor to the young lady in Terra Nova [(bikini)] had as the Phase acting#

of the man who was with Terra Nova also acting in the movie Avatar . Pax*

the Phase 4 interactive tv2 works well with infofaq2 on HDMI hello druid .

what I am getting at is the Marvel2 telecom is associate Captain Marvel 2 *

with three sub phases … MARVEL Entertainment interactive tv2 , oracle 2

with hello druid tv2 and Marvel2 telecom which is my own project . Peace

to you on work at home green acquisite of a joke# XBOX Club M25X3000

associate to green acquisite of Disney MARVEL in way of media ecology ..

if you can read this yer pretty darn good . enjoy Phase 4 entertainment @

oracle tv2 what we will say is aef2 epatech~internet M25X3000 @eberis

and Global Peace Now to Global Village green acquisite free press .druid

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