mythpunk and Dave Arneson

hello there .

there is a caster on called distractedelf .

she is kind but has sensua £ sylvan disorder …..

I want elfkat to know I get the following way of

Lugh in eco holiday of proclivity in summerlands .

I am not trying to bother with new Facebook protest

of nude and a homosensual reguard of activism .

elf is my partner at

Energy Star *

Green Buildings Council

LEED eco friendly

postmodern design [(…)]

I am not trying to bother is my non profit init 2

employer being funny about the rule of

Creation Artisanry .

the New Age sense of Refurbish Ageia …

game term of Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision

term of Cultural Advancement after Democracy

form of government called Ecotopia not getting genetic tailoring

as required on forward network of scientific advancements

means everything to us in Refurbish Ageia game1 .

we are a non profit environmental education group

with abided status of short termþ work

in way of jesuit druidism of my job

of urban ecology protest of 20 year audio

getting Bush era FBCI Loud talk net 30 0 in

way of community emitter and the

Pentagon H.A.A.R.P. 2 reproof internet

on basis of scientific magic of saumn

possible quantum displacement secret project

of teleportation in regard to faster than light travel .

the issue with mythpunk is distractedelf is Moon Elf at erowid .

I wish the late Dave Arneson a happy BDay on basis of

the Command Room Gm Gygax wanted

at the pre Internet ecoPagan activism

of Manna n Games Caucus 2 Midwest

with mental health disorders of

set and setting use of LSD

in sobriety of game recovery [(…)]

my issue is I love Gm and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

of the hippie generation of

psychadelic music and the philosophy of

Tune In , Turn On and Drop Out .

mythpunk will appreciate druid coven issue of invisible being

Suit Up , Turn on VR , Jack Out .

cyberpunk will get this .

jacking out is on interactive tv2 of

our activism of inExec2* .

home automation will change this to load the settings gamers

work on all day to get ideal home setting of Command Room .

I wish you well . covene , I am a junior division Merry Prankster

of epatech~internet cia2 game govt .

I like you alot but the adage of refurbish movement

should change .. soon . very soon . really quite soon .

Peace to you . druid ev green acquisite . Peace now .

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