gamers and terrorin

I am a gm .

it means gamemaster .

I am a subLevel 4a gm of constroy .

terrorin is in the game Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision

which is the focus of my sociopathy .

the cultural advancement form of government after Democracy

is Ecotopia . Ecotopia requires the forward network advance bonus of genetic tailoring .

genetic tailoring is the offshoot of the advance in Medicine after the advance after Pharmaceuticals .

Genetics is the advance in Medicine after Pharmaceuticals and gives the World Wonder The Genome Project .

the advance after that , the offshoot of which is Genetic Tailoring .

what does that have to do with terrorin ?

terrorin are computer aptitude terrorists .

it’s from another game known as the espionage role playing game .

THE WEB in the game I meant Top Secret S.I.

are the terrorists . unforetunately the good guys ORION

are Special Forces . give that a little thought ..

terrorin want to use a game term to get ecoterrorism

but ecoterrorists use NanoAssembly to destroy the

5 most polluting cities on Earth . Earth Peace

are Al-Hadeed trying to form ecoterrorism ?

well they employ computer aptitude terror suspects so it seems like it .

last one . what is a gamer in space force ? a targeting acquisition advisor .

tough one . ready 123 . what is a gm ¿? it’s annoying . .

a spec op Agent ☮ net.druid2 GSOM ‘mad’ professor of Orion 3°2

alright [(…)] what is a gamer to a terrorin ?

a gamer is the one who does targeting acquisition to prevent

what is currently a myth about nanoassembly . xona cyba ..

so yer a gamer . 1 2 3 4 5 . yer a computer aptitude hindi african hanging around middle schools ??

that’s ….. accurate . the problem is Al-Hadeed would be nuclear capable .

should you ignore that ? I doubt it unless you want role playing .

that’s all . off soapbox .

druidev green exchange blue sky message blogger *

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