joking about Directory 🎁

hello and greeting .

I am very tired of the predisposit ion of Tm networking of the

so called timecasting of a phishing hack on the pre Internet about

the rule of putting the future of the internet on data centers at the

beginning of the internet . I will be polite .. I have a disorder

related to a Transcendental Meditation mantra but in terms

of mantara of the sidhi program of tabac hashi … ready 123 :

I can’t enjoy time netting . dot . it tells the pre Internet what

the future accord of data centers had as a problem of a hack

on the pre internet that keanu reeves picked up on . Peace now

we say to the accord to not plaigiarise future accord . Pax Now *

one more timeå so to speak . I can’t enjoy time net is called the

TymeNet of the Prodigy online service word tempogarchicon we

decided to change to heliogarchicon . means in ethicæn the Sun

worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ called Latter Day Saints .

now on with the story of literally being a discredited eccentric of the

internet MagicNet of preventing DarkWeb on the game now being a

Merle Rasmussen role playing game Top Secret : New World Order .

in game terms I am a HumInt 175•10 MannaP decrim section control

advisor to the rule of communications directory abided to Free State .

All I meant by this is now I am what is called incredo on a platypus

credibility server . I know metaphysics discussed the invention of a

string coordinate phi system of dimensional paradigm called timeá

or time allowance transpose in string theory . I can’t stand timecasting .

it is the meme of wording : time travel is illegal , it’s not a decrim law ;

it’s a Federal Law . I get you get this in Metaphysics but my problem is

people who try to learn metaphysics in timed setting have the issue of

plaigiarism of the 20 year future accord .

Alas that is my problem .. jokingly called MetaPhysX . now meditate on this .

plaigiarism in timing is timea plaigiarism . timea edita is the way of gaming

in future accord of the setting legal in timecast of documents . we call this Bb

document respectin . it started with the nazis in F.R.E.E.America of the game

Top Secret S.I. the espionage role playing game . the zeitgen is mystical cheatý .

dwell on that . we’re not a time space ready homo sapiens race . Peace Now .

my actual reguard of this blog is as follows . ready MiS QA 123 4*5 ready now

I am the communications directory of a small NORML office which worked with an online group minimum time available to get online NORML esquire2 to explain in a paradigm of Heaven and Hell the philosophy of free enterprise executive is the BON is now trying to form a devil opinion on just straight up Hitler TimeNet . PeaceNow .

one more thought . blog exec . <fut> I am the Directory of little letters b cia2 online networking 2 find out to right now what the avail n prevail of a working groups accord of Scarlett on XBOX 2 will be in way of Manna n Games Caucus 2 Midwest of the way to find out to now what the accord of preventng Tm networking in way of counter intelligence and with accord of counter terrorin open source intelligence will be with the ideal of game setting of real life called the future accord of what a game publisher does is get the future accord of a game setting in real life and then embellish it to be the way to say [(…)] Jeff Grubb got picked up by the NSA . he had the actual G5 File of Section Control and NSA Aryan Nation didn’t like him having that at a comic book shop in public . he took his SD Card and some goldboy picked him up is my understanding of it . now let’s review . the term of nsainit2 The Agency

I am the communications directory who worked with JoCo NORML at home shortest term of work available to get online to Keith Stroup esquire 2 of BON picking him up and putting him at Bohemian Grove with the executive of what are called Dead Presidents . now figure out I like conspiracy theory but it’s all just Green DARPA with classified secrets some tech lab thought of on CIABNX idiot reguard of idea men who got it’s just the program the CIA started with Doctor Lester Grinspoon about having ideas on LSD in the 60s .

conspiracists talk about Paperclip . the CIA program to get nazi scientists to work on the rocket program with jet propulsion as the advent of a multi advance system that actually is now in terms of advanced composites and getting Space Flight could for the game term world wonder Star Ladder but the reduction of philosophy made it a space elevator . now get in this blog I don’t like timecast . do you get it now ? pun implied .

I am a Directory . I literally use an Energy Star * phone which is cordless to get online the little letters b cia2 online networking program of Scarlett on XBOX 2 coding of the problem with TMa networking getting rivalry with the now setting we call game effect of peace now .

figure it out . I have now to tell you in a slip entendre .. .. .info þ I am working on Dubai UA€ setting of networking netapp•druid io2 CRAYons

with the home setting of networking but ..

MetaPhysX doesn’t know how to shut up on VAXinit2 compile of Grouper .

get the whole thought . . ready 1 2 3 : sociopath makes good on 20 year audio .


anyway much Luv . green acquisite . Scarlett . we’ll always have agnes . Pax Now .

off soapbox . druidev green acquisite of non profit Dubai networking Peace now !!

Otay¡ Cloud Druid adept

the green on air radio sign on to MidCoast radio project is the sign on setting of SSO Adept NWO in regard to NetRadio Jamaica and the setting of unmention to Netherlands about Natural Network in reguard to Cloud Banks with duocore network and the savantism way of incommon federation .

I have a way to get on media ecology .

what I am tired of is a paradigm of hella based lifey acodt .

nothing else . blog not zeitgen timeá . global peace now . Peace Now *

super long day 🕉 18322.75~1

I had a very long day yesterday and a super long day today .

being vullar actually . Mayor of London you have an unusual

amount of male dominant stress . stop knocking me off .

numism as a meme sees this as pandering education …..

they are right if good and pedantic if well , evil 👩‍🦳☮

I don’t like the thought of mimetics being mention of

methodology in a disorder of wording copy in timea

being the temporum of enterprise server time netting

as it is inane to me you have metaphysics of tempogen

with concern of quantum displacement and the malign

of fusion in the allocation of space program evillah Pax

I am tired of this on medication that makes some sense

to the reguard of what I am now is a 5th Level net.druid

of technomancy called geomancy with disadvantage of a

tempomancy regard of Cloud Banks NetDoctor of Dubai .

thanks hooray egalit gaming nation I am 5th Level PaxNow

nothing else in sioa alluriate . as stated . Meta~PhysX nPax

a message to elfkat

darlin’ I am more of a Bugatti than a Mercedez Benz .

I will explain the wikilinks of eberis Manna n Games

reguard of wei ltns ltns rtnv rtnu is my concern of a~

sense of MannaP decrim being Psychology of timea .

nothing else in temporum of Cloud Banks spark.dim

if you get my philosophy of 3/11 Shonen Knife in the

way of Manna n Games not being genre of GMeberis

in a sense of <MorningDew> and new summerlands!

Peace to you most importantly global peace now Pax!

nothing else . just saying hello druid in temporum …

druidev green acquisite of NetDoctor MannaPear £B

Shire of Crystal Mynes

the joke is I am blogging Shire of Crystal Mynes

on Meta .

the wikilinks of avail in Manna n Games Caucus 2 way of

the Campaign 2019 I am sure you get I do not want a way

of a problem of ethereal reguard to the envious setting of

a sullen beset or beseech of the wiki sense of Mannap ear

in concern of the secret order of steampunk druids withþ

the beseech of a villian accord to consider what jumping

at the chance to get Meta meant to a dumB regard of EQ

in way of the LandMark of a kind of white acquire of the

concern to include a sullen reminder of temporum in aý

way of manna and games of the rule of Bank of Japan ..

if this makes any sense to you good luck in alignment *

this will be a blog of seneschal to undermine the waysí

of a more argumentative pastime of Meta postulant …

wil be all . thanks to you I feel ethereal personal Pax #

druidev green acquisite of the reminded espionage å¡*

Disney I get Phase 4 .

hello . the Conoco dinosaur ride at Epcot Center was going to be interactive .

what it does is accept a listing on a cell phone . I have a dislike of the open~

chip on a cell phone getting mobile phone interactive called syncing mobile

device with an interactive setting which is what the Aconoco ride dinosaurs

have as a way of congestion on networking of the setting of oil pollution …..

I am not trying to be a haiter . the interactive program was going to get the*

mobile device setting to interact with the Conoco dinosaur ride at Epcot . . .

and make it compatible with a mobile device setting like the mars farmingþ

and the emitter interacts with cell phones of mobile computing . Peace Up .

the problem is interactive tv2 on Phase 4 MARVEL Entertainment gets the

oracle tv2 mobile device sync setting on what I call MiSa of Dinosaur Park!

which is the genetic tailoring of dinosaurs in a movie a missionintelligence

advisor to the young lady in Terra Nova [(bikini)] had as the Phase acting#

of the man who was with Terra Nova also acting in the movie Avatar . Pax*

the Phase 4 interactive tv2 works well with infofaq2 on HDMI hello druid .

what I am getting at is the Marvel2 telecom is associate Captain Marvel 2 *

with three sub phases … MARVEL Entertainment interactive tv2 , oracle 2

with hello druid tv2 and Marvel2 telecom which is my own project . Peace

to you on work at home green acquisite of a joke# XBOX Club M25X3000

associate to green acquisite of Disney MARVEL in way of media ecology ..

if you can read this yer pretty darn good . enjoy Phase 4 entertainment @

oracle tv2 what we will say is aef2 epatech~internet M25X3000 @eberis

and Global Peace Now to Global Village green acquisite free press .druid

also joking with Bohemian

I have a way to say the home networking

of a deal on unmention of home automate

seems to be the issuance of Mannapear

in seeing to the reguard of Bohemian . . .

in way of home networking getting the

accord of Amsterdam with green buildings .

the eco friendly buildings and Energy Star *

cordless phone at home Directory of a

little letters b cia2 online networking

mention of weed info on mini serv of

Manna n Games Caucus 2 Midwest

of free enterprise science fiction rules

of 01 blogging and space force with a

deal on space exploration and space

setting of 5 or 10 minutes with the

sysop admin 2 after phone calls from

game edition reguard of TSRgames ..

with a way to work on space setting .

the free enterprise of Manna n Games

with science fiction of Life Out There

in terms of space admin planet mayor .

can Pantheon Series at

figure out I don’t want ecoPagan to get

the rule of Selahsi and S~Heaven will

be a quibble with clergy about the way

global custom free enterprise network2

home networking ‘Nature’ MagicNet2 *

will be the accord of what I am joking

about is the home networking of thení

Bohemian reguard to magical network

in way of document respectin~ druid2 .

joking with CyberServer

I tried dropbox to the chagrin of a republican impose group .

not trying to bother but the issue of defense 2 getting out of a White House sign on the computer room of the @ID of POTUN isn’t what I want if he can’t get out of copy of the key that was supposed to go to zt on Twitch Prime at .

what I am like is free subscribers could get on the affiliate of Twitch Prime in way of the sign on to the enterprise server because I worked shortest term available as a communications directory abided to Free State but the mission statedþ allowed me to continue work at home as certified in way of non profit with minimum spending being the affiliate 35 dollars used to get online and attend meetings on was a kind of jeer at the allocated copy of the government copying the quarter results of meetings . it was a small NORML office with a signage of the work to get unregistered as mission stated* to work on communications of networking 2.1 at home .

what I am joking about is the defense 2 of blue dart new stealth netapp•druid.io2 would be a less problematic setting of admin setting getting streaming of networking on the way of telecom~ to new aerospace because the stealth bomber had advanced network£ and surveillance but the internetting was not very good at a kind of thin net streaming of networking on net app .

all I meant by this will be in a kind of timea non sequitor the new drone program not like a conspiracy about AI armed drones but a setting of the automate of the new aerospace networking has a deal on netapp•druid io2 paxñpots of the streaming like a ThinNet on iASIC of the memory setting to load a network to SDRAM2 equivalent immediately and then load it to a network at a quick fly over .

that’s all I meant I am trying to get Cloud Banks online as an activist of the effect not the work on Contributor of the CyberServer in a movie about drones going AI . phew ..

frontend of PowerEdge networking✌ is a better idea . once again it is all I meant .

good luck to secondary funding of digital currency in getting the MegaProjects can’t fund£ Africa Refurb about electrical power grid update . best of luck . Peace Now .

last thought is the Shanghai office 2 of getting refurbish will want with networking a deal in the western promise of New Order of Druids the spokesmen of which are acting as activists to prevent genetic tailoring in higher education of orientation of schools .

that will be all . confusing is the use of good and evil in druidism . I’m Good but chaotic in way of the reguard to saying it would be a kind of subterfuge of Powers That Be . . . . .

thank you and hooray . green acquisite of a joking way to say science fiction of gm~ing .

druidev the net.druid of preventing following acquisition in way of undistricting Pax !

a minor problem

yesterday I tried to get NCIA startup of the work setting of info faqinit2 on basis of the day manager paying an insure dollar called a coffee dollar to get signed on without wanted copy of Contributor to the National Cannabis Industry Association .

I then asked the US Department of the Interior if they could pay a double interest coffee dollar to sign on a floating data center by having an otter dive AL-2 to talk to a turtle and get sign on to stop nuclear dealing of the Dubai UA€ terrorin problem before a problem early today .

I kind of went off because the otter was worried about the killing of animals in the ocean and my briefing which is similar had to do with genetic tailoring and Saving the Planet .

after the Department of Interior finished getting sign on to a pipeline on a covert flight having to do with a Mach 15 hypersonic sounding missile but not directly …

I made sure DefCon was in positive natural numbers and formed the Orion 3°2 office at Dubai Creek Tower .

now I’ll tell you the problem . ORION is the NATO espionage group in Top Secret / S.I. the espionage role playing game .

Orion would be the same group but not Ganymede just GAMA which means gamers who want to be a spec op Agent .

Orion3°2 is a specific group of Section Control with onset medication disorder of SZA co-dominant case study of cannabis for mental health non preposit ion and recovery of borderline talking disorder with gamer ptsd 4 Internet Pax .

it is to train child agent group of a CIA Kids group of little letters b cia2 online networking on Directory of an Energy Star * phone in home networking to be ready with an espionage class to be on internet2 with simply XBOX ONE networking sign on to a home networking advent of internet2 .

it’s called kidstart . kickstarter was taken by the following acquisition . it’s with edutopia . this might sound counter oppositional but I’m a Teacher of introductory value of the scientific advancements in Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision getting Cultural Advancement after Conservation is the form of government after Democracy .

Ecotopia specifically won’t want the required advance of genetic tailoring in what is called game1 ageia of the advances leading to a pre Genetic Ageia advance to be required as the bonus of Modern Age or postmodern advances .

the other issue is GlobeNet gives the world wonder GlobeSat which is the advance before the form of government Corporate Republic which is the form of government in Economics after Fascism which is after Republic .

I’m getting to the problem now .. ready 123 .

today Dubai Ecotopia terrorin provider decided he wanted the advance of genetic tailoring .

terrorin are computer aptitude terrorists .

genetic tailoring is the assembly line manufacture of simulcrums being the offshoot of the advance with world wonder Genome Project after Pharmaceuticals in Medicine .

Dubia terrorin tried to acquire gen£tailoring is what this blog is about .

green acquisite druidev

Druid Order fallacy

the study of practice .

you practice what you want to be good at .

I am good .. aligned .

you join a practice to find out what you may learn from a group who copied the information on what to practice from the update of the craft .

I don’t practice magic . I cast in technomancy to avoid tempomancy .

you learn in a coven or a grove and learn the teachings of a longstanding practice .

I work at home and am tired of not the wanting to learn but the fallacy of practice .

when you practice magic alone you don’t have learning you have study .

when you learn modern magic you can invent your own but I am literally so tired of the eclectic apothesis of ‘Nature’ Magic I took several years and did my own study .

I get the practice of magic is example .

I do my own study but it required being out of society in a community called an ecoPagan community setting .

it’s like home OSHA allow alchemy if the fire marshall allows a certification of using candles and lighting with a strong odor at home .

after certification is ordinance .

an ordinance forms a mandate of what is required to do if you want by law .

after ordinance is the nomer of request .

a request gets investigation .

practicing magic at home requires modern magic have a technical advent .

technomancy doesn’t enjoy tempomancy .

tempomancy is bad for the heartbeat .

I will try to give thought to this in acquisite later .